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    Company News

    1-1-2010. New York, USA. — New Time Electronics USA website online.
    4-1-2009. New York, USA. — East Hills Instruments have launched their online store featuring the full Time Electronics range and other test instruments to cover a wide range of instrumentation and engineering needs.
    6-1-2008. Tonbridge, U.K. — Time Electronics LTD. has announced that it has finalized an agreement with East Hills Instruments Inc. granting them the exclusive distribution rights for North America. East Hills Instruments Inc. will sell and market TIME instruments under the brand name of Time Electronics U.S.A.
    1-1-2007. Time Electronics LTD celebrates it's 40th year of business.

    Products News, Updates, and Releases

    6-6-09. Added Protection for Time Decade Boxes
    Time Electronics have given their comprehensive decade box range a new look and added protection by introducing the 9028 ergonomic rubber boot on selected models. As well as providing durability the 9028 has a textured grip for comfortable handling. The boot is designed with the user in mind and angles the decade box slightly upward when sitting horizontally. This improves visibility as well as gripping the surface allowing no movement when thumbwheel switches are pressed.

    The 9028 can also be fitted to the 1006, 1007, 1021, and 1077 handheld test instruments. The boot has openings to allow access to meters on these vertically positioned products.

    5- 11-09. Utilize Workspace with the Time Electronics Multifunction Calibration Bench
    The Time Electronics Calibration Bench is designed for a wide range of calibration and test procedures. It covers temperature, pressure, and electrical signals; calibrating multi-meters, AC/DC signal sources, frequency timers, oscilloscopes, resistance boxes, thermocouple transmitters, pressure transducers, loop signal indicators, and much more.

    Offering versatility and precision the Calibration Bench is ideal for laboratories and workshops in need of multi-product testing that meets the highest industry standards. The bench is a safe, organized, efficient workspace made for professionals.

    4- 5-08. Time Electronics have released the 5011 programmable resistance / RTD source.
    The 5011 is a truly versatile calibrator, with the ability to add DC Voltage and thermocouple simulation. High accuracy resistance of 0.01% is offered as standard with 1mOhm resolution from 20 Ohm to 1 kOhm. Simple front panel operation allows the user to quickly set the function and output required. Using the jog / shuttle dial deviation the user can finely adjust the output value as a percentage (+/-9.99%). All this information is shown on a clear, easy to read LED display.
    The DCV / Thermocouple option provides a DC voltage source (+/- 20V) and simulates thermocouple types K, J, T, R, S, N, E and B.
    A DC Current option is also available which sources up to 220mA. This makes the 5011 ideal for accurate process control calibration.
    2- 5-08. EasyCal 6: The comprehensive solution to automate the calibration process
    Time Electronics’ EasyCal 6 is a software package that automates the calibration process and offers users a full range of features that cover the planning, calibration, documentation, and tracking.
    Simplicity of use is a key aspect to the design. First-time users can be up and running straight away, whether it be job management or performing site calibration.
    Key features include: A standard calibration library comprising of over 1000 procedures covering a wide variety of instruments; Full networking capabilities for multi-station and site calibration work; Bar code, id label printing and customisation of reports and certificates; A built-in PDF engine to produce PDF certificates and reports without 3rd party software.
    6- 20-07. 40 years of Time Decade Boxes
    For over forty years the decade boxes from Time Electronics have provided superior features. Customers have appreciated the advantages of these products in four major areas. They are of rugged and reliable construction using sturdy metal cases that provide electrical shielding as well mechanical protection. The conservative factory testing combined with care in component selection ensure that the units will hold their specifications for extended periods of usage. The clear unambiguous visual reading indications provided mean that users avoid the possibility of making errors in the setting values.
    Above all, these units have always been competitively price and are backed by an organization that prides itself on the service provided to its customers.