EasyCal Calibration Software

EasyCal Calibration Software
  • Calibrate electrical, mechanical, pressure
    and temperature devices
  • Automated Calibration Run
  • Instrument Control GPIB/RS232/USB
  • Network Compatible
  • Calibration Label Printing
  • E-mail Reminder Letters
  • Calibration Due Reminder System
  • Customize reports and certificates
  • Print and read Bar Codes
  • Generate PDF reports & certificates
  • Over 1200 Standard Calibration Procedures



EasyCal is a complete software package with features covering all aspects of calibration work and management. It is designed to reduce workload, improve efficiency, and provide the essential platform for companies looking to create and sustain an effective calibration program. The comprehensive features simplify the administration process from reminder reports through to despatch. With a familiar and intuitive user interface all operators can quickly learn and navigate through the applications. This allows fast, straightforward implementation and integration of the software.

Communication and Control
EasyCal automates calibration runs by allowing the user to remotely control and communicate with compatible calibrators and DMMs. User friendly features and controls aid the process to further decrease calibration times. EasyCal can also read back values and data from compatible Time Electronics pressure and process instruments, and can be used with external instruments such as dry block calibrators. 

For Multiple Industries and Disciplines
EasyCal is a versatile solution to multi-device calibration with the comprehensive functionality that is required across industries. It is globally used as the principal software in both calibration businesses and companies with on-site test facilities. EasyCal is also designed for universal testing applications and can cover a wide range of disciplines. Users can calibrate and verify various instruments and devices: electrical and electronic; level, pressure, and flow; temperature and loop; mechanical and dimensional. 

EasyCal 6 Features

  Networking for multi-station and site calibration work
  Calibration Instrument Support: Time 5025, 5051, 5065, 5075, 5011, 5018, 5045
  Control and communicate with any RS232/USB/GPIB instrument using Universal Read-Back
  NI, Agilent GPIB support
  Secure User Log In
  Crystal Reports to edit certificate and report templates
  Uncertainty Management – quickly update uncertainty information
  Built –in PDF engine: Produce PDF certificates and reports without 3rd party software
  Licence only required for Calibration runs
  Import and Export Certificates, Procedures, etc
  Data export to CSV and HTML formats

EasyCal Networking Capabilities
With networking capabilities a multi-user installation can be implemented:

Office stations can keep track of job information, produce reminder reports and issue certificates.

Laboratory stations perform the actual calibration, enter any ‘on going’ job information, create or edit test procedures and issue certificates.

Management can over-see the complete operation. Keep track of calibration standards and instruments. Create and update uncertainty information. View and issue reports and certificates. Control user access and monitor job progress. Create, edit and sign off test procedures. With the ability to ‘simulate’ calibration runs procedures can be tested without the need for the calibrating instrument or unit under test.

Site calibration is also controlled by EasyCal. The required information for a site job is transferred to a laptop or 5051 calibration system. Alternatively ‘calibration test forms’ can be produced for hand written entry. The data is imported to the central servers’ database or entered into EasyCal back at base.

EasyCal Overview

Instruments, Customers, and Jobs
A comprehensive database of instruments and customers allows the user to access any information required.
By clicking the search button on the toolbar it is possible to enter specific criteria to quickly find the instrument/customer.
Instrument and Customer reports can be printed at any time.
This makes the complete job process from booking in to despatch faster and simpler.
With built-in PDF creation and email facilities customers or departments can be sent information immediately.

Procedure Writing and Editing
A standard calibration library comprising of over 1000 procedures covering a wide variety of instruments is included. Procedure templates for multi-meters, clamp meters, decade boxes, insulation testers and more can be used for creating any new procedures as required.
EasyCal has full search facilities for locating any instrument or procedure quickly.
Creating a new test procedure is made simple with intuitive, user-friendly windows. When adding details the user is aided by comprehensive drop-down lists, which automatically update when a new detail is added. Editing test information can be done by replacing, adding or copy/pasting details into the required fields. EasyEdit keeps track of each time a procedure is edited. For added security password protection can be applied.

Instrument Calibration
The calibration run is made simple and efficient by a graphical user-interface, which increases speed of data entry.
Instruments which cannot be automatically calibrated can still have the results data entered manually. The entered value is compared with the required value as specified in the procedure.
Picture prompts can be shown to aid the user with instrument range selection and connection.
At any stage during the calibration run a summary of the results for the tests completed can be displayed and printed out from Test Control.

Certificates, Labels, And Reports
Produce Calibration Certificates & labels on demand. The user can keep a record of instrument history and servicing.
Certificates can be easily customised by adding a company logo, or by designing a complete certificate layout.
Certificates can be recalled at any time from the ‘results database’. Data can be exchanged from one system to another user via the import and export features.
Certificate data can be converted in spreadsheet, CSV and HTML formats.

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