Time Electronics Calibration Benches

5025 Multifunction Calibrator
  • Multi-meters, clamp meters, Ohm meters
  • AC/DC signal sources
  • Signal generators, Power supplies
  • Oscilloscopes, timer counters, tacho meters
  • AC/DC Milli-voltmeters
  • Temperature indicators, sensors
  • RTD transmitters, thermocouple transmitters
  • Frequency meters, tacho meters
  • Loop signal indicators, transmitters
  • Pressure transducers, transmitters, switches



TE CalBench - A complete calibration laboratory in one Test Bench.

The Time Electronics Calibration Bench is designed for a wide range of calibration and test procedures. It covers temperature, pressure, and electrical signals; calibrating multi-meters, AC/DC signal sources, frequency timers, oscilloscopes, resistance boxes, thermocouple transmitters, pressure transducers, loop signal indicators, and much more.

Offering versatility and precision the Calibration Bench is ideal for laboratories and workshops in need of multi-product testing that meets the highest industry standards. The bench is a safe, organized, efficient workspace made for professionals.

The Bench console is supplied complete, fully tested, and with the modules installed. It is ready to operate and requires only mains power and line pressure to be connected. The module panel holds various equipment including AC/DC power supplies, pressure calibrators, and a 7051 multifunction calibrator.

Core modules cover electronic signal, temperature, and pressure applications, non-standard modules for special applications can be incorporated into the bench consoles; each module is an independent item and there is a high degree of inter-changeability. This allows each bench to be custom designed to meet specific engineering requirements.

Functions are clearly defined on each module and a competent technician will quickly master the operation of the system without expensive training or constant reference to manuals.

Module Options

Pressure: Ranges from vacuum to 600bar. Also available is an Automatic Pressure Calibrator that allows 4 preset points to be selected at the push of a button, or by EasyCal remote control.

Power: Variable AC mains, variable DC and fixed quad or dual DC supplies can be fitted.

Loop and Temperature: High accuracy loop calibrator modules with source, measure and sink functions. Temperature calibrators capable of measuring and simulating RTDs/thermocouples.

Custom-Design Modules: In addition to standard modules Time Electronics can also build user specific modules incorporating various instruments for neccessary applications. These can be designed from the TE range, such as decade boxes or portable calibrators, or from external instruments such as oscilloscopes, multimeters, and power supplies.

External Options: Pneumatic (300psi) and hydraulic (10,000psi) handheld calibration pumps. Dry block calibrators with ranges from -25°C to 700°C. Also available are decade boxes, handheld calibrators, dmm's, solder stations, vices, and much more to create the ideal laboratory workstation.

Laboratory Design: In addition to the modular calibration bench Time Electronics offers a full laboratory configuration and design service.
The following are examples of laboratory equipment that can be supplied.

• Storage Units
• Drawers and Cabinets
• Workbenches and Tables
• Perforated panel options – hooks, storage bins, holders etc.
• Mobile Equipment
• Equipment and Tool cases

Multifunction Calibrator and Contol Center

Mounted centrally in the console with touch screen control. Source and measure voltage, current, resistance, frequency and much more.
To make calibration faster and more productive, the control center is preloaded with Time Electronics’ well-established EasyCal software, which integrates with bench modules.

Offering over 1000 test procedures and networking capabilities, it fully automates the calibration process. Engineers can print and customise test certificates as required.
EasyCal is supplied as standard with the 7051 Calibrator/Control Center module.