7040 Digital Pressure Calibrator

7040 Digital Pressure Calibrator
  • 0.2, 2, 5, 10, 20 bar options
  • Pressure/Vacuum calibration 0.04% accuracy
  • Loop current calibration
  • 9 engineering units - bar, psi, KPa, inWg,
    cmWg, inHg, mmHg, Kg/cm2, Atm
  • Min / Max function
  • Leak rate function
  • 4.5 digit display
  • 9V internal battery
  • RS232 serial interface



The 7040 is a portable pressure calibrator suitable for workshop, laboratory and field use.

Pressure can be displayed in any of nine popular engineering units. Loop current can also be displayed in mA, or as a percentage of span (4-20mA).

A min/max logging function (pressure or loop current) is provided. The min or max values can be recalled to the display and if required can be viewed in real time.

An additional feature is leak rate display. This allows the actual leakage rate to be observed in real time in the selected ‘pressure units’ per sec, or per min.

Using a PC or laptop computer and a suitable program the 7040’s displayed parameters can be read back – Pressure, Loop Current, Max Value, Min Value. By arranging for the program to store these values in a database a full data logging function is available.

Alternatively, by using a calibration software package such as Time Electronics’ EasyCal, pre-written calibration procedures can be executed and the results recorded automatically. Calibration certificates can then be printed on site or back at the lab as required.

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