7005 Loop Calibrator

7005 Loop Calibrator
  • Loop Source - Current or Voltage
  • Loop Measure - Current or Voltage
  • Loop Current Sink
  • Accuracy 0.01%
  • Resolution 1uA or 1mV
  • Programmable Ranges
  • Manual Step, Auto-Step and Ramp
  • Square Root Functions for Flow
  • 20mA drive capability into 1100 ohms



The 7005 is a micro-processor based instrument for the calibration and simulation of voltage and current loops. It can operate in three modes:
a) Loop current/voltage Source (simulating a transmitter and the loop supply)
b) Sink of loop current (simulating a transmitter)
c) Measurement of loop current/voltage (simulating a loop indicator).

Manual step of the output is available at five calibration points, 0%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% of span. Automatic stepping of the output is also available both up and down with programmable dwell times.

Continuous up/down ramping is also available with user programmable ramp rates and dwell time (top and bottom).

In source mode the range can be user programmed to any value between 0mA and 50mA, or 0V and 21V. For example a low point of 10mA and a high point of 50mA could be set giving a span of 40mA

Measure mode provides both voltage and current measuring capability with 5 digit resolution. Ranges are 0 to ±5V and ±5 to ±25V, 0 to ±25mA and ±25 to ±125mA. Alternatively the signal can be measured as a % of span for the following ranges, 4 to 20mA, 0 to 20mA, square root 4 to 20mA, square root 0 to 20mA. For all measurements a Min/Max recording function is available on demand.

An internal NiCad battery can power the unit for typically 9 hours and an external mains charger is supplied as standard. An automatic power-down feature is incorporated to conserve battery life.

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