5080 Portable Appliance Tester Calibrator

  • For calibration of PATs and VDE 0701 testers
  • Battery powered – ensures isolation and
    prevents inaccuracies due to stray leakage
  • Voltage/Current displayed on LCD meter
  • Safety interlock prevents contact with Earth
    Bond studs during Insulation & Leakage test
  • Earth Bond currents up to 50A AC measured
  • Load Test currents up to 13A AC measured
  • Impact resistant case



The 5080 is designed to provide rapid high accuracy calibration of PATs (Portable Appliance Testers) and Insulation / Continuity Testers.
All in one unit, it contains calibration functions for Earth Bond, Insulation, Leakage, Touch Leakage and Load Test.

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