5077 Power Calibrator

5077 Power Calibrator
  • 20mA to 22A AC/DC
  • 100A AC current transformer option
  • 1mV to 1050V AC/DC
  • +90.0 deg to -90.0 deg
  • 0.00 to 1.00 Lead/Lag
  • 45 to 400 Hz in 0.1Hz steps
  • RS232 / GPIB / USB Interface
  • PC Virtual Control



The 5077 is controlled remotely from a standard PC via the RS232 (or USB) interface, or directly from Time Electronics' 5051 Calibration System.

A user-friendly virtual front panel allows the four parameters to be set individually. Frequency can be set in 0.1Hz steps from 45 to 400Hz, and phase in 0.1-degree steps. Alternatively power factor (PF) can be set in 0.01 steps. The output can be displayed as VA or Watts.

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