5045 Oscilloscope Calibrator

5045 Oscilloscope Calibrator
  • 1mV – 220V Square Wave/DC
  • Frequency 0.1 – 100MHz
  • Time Markers 15s to 10ns
  • Fast Rise <300ps
  • Front Panel Control
  • PC Virtual Control
  • 2 GHz Sweep Option
  • Rubidium Option
  • Current Probe Adaptor
  • EasyCal Software Compatible



The 5045 is a versatile, high accuracy calibrator capable of calibrating a wide range of oscilloscopes and timer/counters. It provides a wide range of outputs for amplitude, frequency, period and bandwidth. Amplitude calibration is achieved by a DC signal or 1kHz square-wave, ranging from 1mV to 220V (2V max for 50 ohm loads). Deviation up to ±9.99% allows fine adjustment of amplitude and direct read-out of error. Accurate frequencies are generated from a temperature controlled quartz crystal oscillator. Alternatively a 10MHz reference input in can be used. Timing accuracy of 0.1ppm is suitable for most oscilloscopes and timer counters. A precise square-wave output provides a fast rise time of less than 300ps, which allows bandwidth testing up to 600MHz.

Simple Operation
Functions and ranges are easily accessed from the front panel. Increase and decrease keys per digit, are used to quickly set the output value. Deviation control then enables the user to finely adjust the output value as a percentage (+/-9.99%). All this information is shown on a clear, easy to read LED display.

Virtual Front Panel Software
The 5045 comes with Time Electronics’ windows based ‘Virtual Front Panel’
interface that enables the user to control the unit via a laptop or PC.

2 GHz Levelled sine-wave option
For precise bandwidth determination and frequency response analysis the 2 GHz option is available. The ability to sweep the frequency output from 100MHz to 2 GHz and adjust the amplitude to 0.5V, 1.0V and 1.5V pk-pk ensures accurate analysis of oscilloscope input amplifiers.

Current probe calibration
For calibration of oscilloscope current probes an external adaptor is available. This converts the 5045’s amplitude output to current and covers the range 0.1mA to 100mA pk-pk, 0.2% accuracy, DC or 1kHz.

Rubidium frequency reference
Enhanced timing performance is available by specifying the rubidium frequency reference option (9762). This option achieves timing accuracies required to calibrate high performance Timer/Counters to 1 part in 10¹º.

Calibration made easy
To automate the oscilloscope calibration process the 5045 can be controlled using Time Electronics’ EasyCal calibration software. This reduces calibration times, ensures consistent results and produces certificates to international quality standards.

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