5025 Multifunction Calibrator

5025 Multifunction Calibrator
  • 0 - 1050 V AC/DC voltage
  • 0 - 22 A AC/DC current
  • 1 ohm - 1Gohm resistance
  • Thermocouple Simulation
  • Digital Frequency
  • Oscilloscope Calibration option
  • PT100 simulation option
  • Capacitance/Inductance option
  • Power Calibration option
  • Clamp Meter Calibration
  • EasyCal Software Compatible



Multi Instrument Calibration
A calibrator with a wide range of capabilities to cover multiple functions is a modern day necessity. The 5025 is the ultimate multi-product calibrator, designed for both traditional and new measurement equipment.

The 5025 can calibrate, bench and handheld multi-meters, frequency meters, ohm meters, ac/dc millivoltmeters, thermocouple indicators, clamp meters, temperature indicators, timer counters, oscilloscopes and many other measurement devices.

Simple Operation
Functions and ranges are easily accessed from the front panel. Increase and decrease keys per digit, are used to quickly set the output value. Deviation control then enables the user to finely adjust the output value as a percentage (+/-9.999%). All this information is shown on a clear, easy to read LED display.

Flexible Options
The 5025 can be equipped to specific requirements. The standard unit is fitted with AC/DC voltage to 1050V, AC/DC current to 22A, digital frequency to 10MHz, decade resistance to 1GΩ, conductance and thermocouple simulation.

Individual options include; capacitance and inductance, full range resistance (incorporating PT100 simulation), and oscilloscope calibration. These options can be specified at time of order or fitted at a later date by an authorised service agent.

In addition external adaptors are available for clamp meter calibration (up to 1000A), optical tachometer calibration and low noise attenuation.

Calibration Made Easy
Connect the 5025 to a PC/Laptop (via RS233, GPIB or USB) installed with Time Electronics EasyCal and automate the calibration process. Increase speed of calibration and consistency of results, produce calibration certificates and reports to ISO 9001 quality standards.

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