1065 Resistance Decade Box

1065 Resistance Box
  • 0.1 Ohm – 120 kOhms
  • 1% accuracy
  • 10W per resistor dissipation
  • In-line read-out
  • Mechanically and electrically robust
  • Fully Screened



The 1065 Power Decade Resistance Box is designed to meet the standard for educational, industrial and research & design applications. Housed in a well ventilated metal case its compact construction makes it easily transportable, and when in use it takes up a minimum of bench space.

Resistance ranges from 0.1ohm to 120kohm with a 1% accuracy. Each resistor has a power rating of 10W and the maximum working voltage is 500V.

Switch contact resistance has been kept to a minimum by the use of multi-wafer switches, each with four parallel, silver-plated, self-wiping contacts. The six in-line dials give a clear numerical readout of the selected resistance.

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