1048 Current - Voltage - Loop Calibrator

1048 Voltage, Current, and Loop Calibrator
  • Source and Measure Current and Voltage
  • 3 Source ranges 0 - 22mA and 0 - 22V
  • 3 Measure ranges 0 - 70mA and 0 - 50V
  • Transmitter Simulator/Sink
  • Output Steps and Ramps
  • Fine adjustment (Inching)
  • Accuracy 0.02% of span



The 1048 is a current, voltage, and process loop calibrator that covers the needs of an R&D lab and process control engineer. Source and measure in three current and voltage ranges plus a transmitter simulator/sink function. It has 4.5 digit (0.005% of span) resolution.

Output functions include step, ramp and inching. There are no key press menus to learn, just switches and buttons. A multi-turn potentiometer controls the output with up/down incrementing buttons for fine control. The output can be reversed (+/-) and zeroed at the flick of a switch. The front panel features a large easy-to-read 4.5 Digit LCD display which auto-ranges. Manual reset of the ramp function is also provided for quick restore.

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