1041 Resistance Decade Box

1041 Resistance Decade Box
  • 0.01 Ohm – 1 kOhms
  • 10 mOhm resolution
  • Ideal for PRT/RTD
  • High Stability
  • Safety terminals
  • Low Temperature Coefficient
  • Portable with protective boot



The 1041 is a compact, robust, and accurate decade resistance box designed for applications in both industry and education. With its low resistance ranges the 1041 is particularly suitable for simulation of platinum resistance thermometers.
Excellent accuracy is achieved by using high stability metal film resistors. Mid-scale accuracy is 0.1%. The 8-digit thumbwheel switch enables precise setting with a clear unambiguous indication of the resistance value. The temperature coefficient is better than 50 ppm per ºC. Each resistor has a power rating of 1 watt.

Switch Contacts: Special attention has been given to reliability. A special multiple gold contact switch arrangement ensures that back-up contacts are always available to take over should a contact fail.

Safety Terminals: Fully compatible with 4mm shrouded plugs, as well as standard plugs, bare wires, and spade terminals.

Added Protection: The 1041 comes fitted with an ergonomic rubber boot providing increased protection and durability. The boot has a textured grip for comfortable handling and a raised edge so the 1041 angles slightly upward when resting horizontally. This improves visibility as well as gripping the surface, meaning no movement when thumbwheel switches are pressed. It is easy to remove if the user prefers a stand-alone unit or to house the decade box in a carry case

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