1030 Voltage and Current Calibrator

1030 Handheld Voltage and Current Source
  • 10mV, 100mV, 1V ranges
  • 10mA, 100mA ranges
  • 0.1% accuracy
  • 0 - 8V available
  • Precision 10-turn dial
  • Battery level indicator
  • Battery Powered 9V PP3



The 1030 is a compact, low cost, portable voltage and current calibrator for general purpose signal injection. It is suitable for voltage and current loop signal simulation as well as thermocouple simulation. The precision 10-turn dial provides a conventional feel to setting the output with a setting resolution of 1 part in a 1000 (0.1%)

Three voltage ranges give an adjustable output from 10uV to 1V and two current ranges for 10uA to 100mA.

An additional 0 to 8V output can be obtained by using a precision 1Kohm resistor that is supplied with the unit. The resistor is connected across the output terminals and the 10mA current range selected. This allows the output to be set between 0 and +/- 8V with a 10mV resolution and an accuracy of 0.3% of full scale.

The 1030 is simple to operate and does not require any standardisation prior to use. The operator needs only to switch on, check the battery condition, and set the required range and output value.

The 1030 is supplied with a leatherette carry case.

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